Connie L. Gordon


Sample Proposal

Note: Estimated hours for architectural services are determined on a per-project basis.

Dear Jane and John:

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in designing an energy efficient and environmentally sensitive home on your land. This is a proposal for your project, clarifying the architectural design services Responsive Designs offers and the approximate costs of these services.

The new house will be located integrally on the site to take advantage of views, solar opportunities, and proposed exterior decks and patios. The main level of the house will contain a three bedroom residence, with possibility of bedrooms on an upper level. The lower level, a walk-out to the west, will have a 'summer' kitchen, food storage, and yoga studio/multi purpose room in its confines. Vehicular access will be created to the lower level. A carport or garage for the main level will be discussed, but the design of it is not within the scope of this proposal.

An exterior aesthetic preference will be established after subsequent meetings to reflect the owner's taste and regional appropriateness. The use of exterior finishes and colors should blend harmoniously with the landscape and be subtle and tasteful in application and scale. Exterior patios and living spaces will be designed to effortlessly become an extension of the interior living spaces. The use of green and sustainable building materials will be encouraged. Roof slopes will be designed to accommodate solar panels, shed snow away from entries, vehicular access doors, and exterior patio spaces, as well as mitigate excessive solar heat gain.

Following is a proposal for architectural services for your new home. All services are billed hourly:

January 1, 2011

Phase A: Pre-Design & Programming Site conditions, including slope, septic location, vehicular access, assessing soils data, solar, and views, will be evaluated. Information given to me by the Civil Engineer will be evaluated and incorporated into the design in this phase. This information is necessary for further development of design plans. This phase may take a couple of additional hours.

Phase B: Schematic Design: Preliminary schematic floor plan design solutions and options will be generated based on site information and your programming criteria and presented to you. These designs will be refined, incorporating your comments, and building elevations will be presented until a final design solution is accepted.

Phase C: Design Development During this phase, the mechanical and plumbing systems (including solar) will be discussed. Window styles, sizes, and locations will be finalized. Finish materials and details may be presented and selected. An electrical plan, if requested, is developed during this phase. The Kitchen layout and design will also occur here.

This phase could take 5-40 hours, depending on how involved Responsive Designs is in selecting and designing interior details, such as finishes, built-ins, fixture selection, etc. Responsive Design's services for the Kitchen design can range from simple layout to specifying the selection and coordinating the installation (electrical and mechanical) of equipment.

Phase D: Building Permit Drawings These drawings consist of scaled floor plans, elevations, sections, foundation and framing plans, and pertinent construction details. The drawings will be of sufficient detail to describe the scope of the project and obtain budgets from Contractors and to obtain a building permit. The amount of detailed information regarding interior finishes (lighting, casework details, etc.) will be provided as requested by the Owner during Phase C. The county building department may require a Soil Engineer's report for the design of the building footing and foundation. A Structural Engineer may be consulted with regarding the foundation and structural frame of the structure. All engineering fees are additional and will be billed to you directly from the engineer.

This phase will probably take 35-70 hours. Three sets of blueprints will be included in this phase. Additional prints will be charged at a nominal fee.

Phase E: Construction Consultation At minimum, I will make a couple of site visits during construction to observe the progress and verify construction practices and conditions. I will be available on an 'on- call'basis to review any changes that may occur in the field.

Risk Allocation: Including the following clause in our proposals helps to control the escalating cost of Liability Insurance and to keep rates affordable: In recognition of the relative risks and benefits of the project to both the Client and the Architect, the Client agrees, to

the fullest extent permitted by law, to limit the Architect's, Responsive Designs, total aggregate liability to $5,000 or the total of the Architect's Fee, whichever is greater. This limit shall apply regardless of the cause of action or legal theory pleaded or asserted.

Acceptance and Billing Billing occurs at the completion of each phase or at 30-day intervals, whichever occurs first, and is due upon receipt. A retainer of $XX or 15% of the lower estimated combined Phases A, B and D budgets, will be requested before services commence. It will be considered acceptance of the terms in this proposal and will be pro-rated over the phases of the project. If any portion of the retainer is unused, it will be returned to you

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you on your new home. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.