Connie L. Gordon


Energy Management Services

Responsive Designs, Architects, now offers sustainability and energy evaluating services and energy reduction solutions for existing commercial buildings in addition to architectural design services for new construction. Responsive Designs, Architects, can evaluate, verify and certify eligible commercial buildings for designation as an Energy Star Building.

Responsive Designs, Architects, believes that the efficient use of energy is both a practical and financially relevant approach to managing a business.  We strive to provide the business owner with honest analysis and suggestions for saving money that pay themselves back rapidly.  We also believe it is the social responsible course of action for companies.


We will provide and evaluate building performance information and Energy Star Statement of Energy Performance to use as guides to maximize your building's performance and decrease your energy costs, and therefore increase your net operating income.  We are here to help you understand and implement recommendations from this information.  We will provide a comprehensive, cost effective, owner paced, results-based approach to making your building as efficient as possible. We are your trusted professional and technical experts when it comes to building evaluations, rebates, and action implementation in obtaining energy efficiency.

An EPA Energy Performance Rating is derived from fuel consumption data of existing commercial buildings, which includes the total energy use associated with the buildings. Applications for the ENERGY STAR plaque demonstrate that, after at least one year of operation, the building energy consumption from utility bills must (1) rate 75 or higher by using the U.S. EPA's Energy Performance Rating system; and (2) meet specific indoor environmental quality standards.  Once these conditions are met, the EPA can award the building the coveted designation of an Energy Star Building.  Responsive Designs, Architects, can certify eligible buildings for this designation.