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Responsive Designs, Architects, prides itself on its skills to create stylistic designs that incorporate energy efficient and pragmatic design solutions.  Passion for the environment is reflected in appreciation for contextual design strategies that enhance the natural environments of the building, both externally and internally.  A well designed building should integrate timelessly into the lives of the users and the surrounding landscape, while imprinting a small, sustainable and sensitive footprint on the earth.

Responsive Designs, Architects, is owned by Connie L. Gordon, and recognizes that every project is unique.  They offer architectural services tailored to the particular needs of each project, individual and budget.  With over 20 years of extensive experience in residential and light commercial projects and remodels, including historic structures, Responsive Designs strongly emphasizes the ability to communicate thoroughly and precisely with all parties involved in the design team, especially the client.  Good communication is the key to good design and subsequently, to a successful project.  We strive to create a design process that is productive, efficient, non-stressful, and enjoyable.

Connie L. Gordon received her B.S. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1985 and has been a registered licensed Architect since 1990.  Ms. Gordon is an accredited LEED Green Associate.  She also has successfully completed a Commercial Energy Auditor course that enables Responsive Designs, Architects to evaluate a commercial building's energy usage and eligibility for EPA Energy Star Rating.  If eligible, Responsive Designs, Architects can certify the EPA application for Energy Star review and acceptance.

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